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Terra Firma Racing is the premiere Adventure Racing and Mountain Bike Racing Company in the Southwest Region of the United States. Feel free to check out all of our upcoming races. We update our blog on a daily to weekly basis so be sure to visit it and post a comment. Thank you!

Upcoming Races

07/18/2015 8:45pm
Dinosaur Valley State Park

DESCRIPTION: Come run where the Dinosaurs roamed!  Long ago, dinosaurs left footprints in the mud at the edge of an ancient ocean. Today, you can run in their tracks at night, but don't let them catch you. Choose from a 5k or 15k trail run and bring a headlamp or flashlight, because you will be running after sunset following a course of reflective ribbon and glow necklaces to help find your way! Stay for our annual party and cookout and swim in the Blue Hole afterwards. Family friendly.

For those of you that don't know XTERRA ~ these are the most recognizable, enjoyable, rock jumping, tree ducking, creek crossing, hill climbing, dirt on your shirt, sweat in you eye trail runs on the planet. 

07/18/2015 8:00am
Dinosaur Valley State Park

2-3 hour adventure race, where teams of 2 or solo racers will complete a marked course consisting of approximately 3-mile trail run, 7-14 mile mountain bike, 25-35 minute inflatable canoe and mystery events. This is not a relay (teams must stay together).

***This race is also a USARA National Qualifier. Top 3 Teams (Male, Female or Coed) in each category qualify for Nationals. This is the first time a sprint race has been allowed as a National Qualifier for the United States Adventure Racing Association, so come out and secure your spot!

10/17/2015 12:00pm
Rocky Hill Ranch, 578 FM 153, Smithville TX 78957

A 24-hour mountain bike race that can me done solo or on a team of up to 8 people. This is a 10(+-) mile course. Teams try to log as many laps as possible, with only 1 member riding at a time. The team or solo rider with the most laps in the 24 hour time period wins.

***New this year we are adding a 6-hour race and a 12-hour race. There will be a staggered start based on your category and all racers will finish at noon on Sunday.

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