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Reveille Peak 100 race recap by Cooper Sellers

 Check out the race recap by Cooper Sellers of our recent Reveille Peak 100


2013 Reveille Peak 100

In only its 3rd year, The Reveille Peak 100k will go down in the record books as truly EPIC! This year’s race was scheduled for November in order to miss the grueling heat experienced on the granite rock slabs from past Septembers (2 years ago the temperature was 107 degrees). We can now say that Terra Firma has had their hottest and coldest races at Reveille Peak Ranch. With winter storm advisories in effect, temperatures in the mid 30s, and wind gusts to 22, the racers had their work cut out for them. It was not only survival of the fittest, but also of the most cold tolerant. In these conditions, a few of the racers found out falling in the creek was NOT an option. The race had over 6,000 feet of climbing for the day, just over 1,500 per 25K loop. With only 70 riders showing up in these kind of conditions, Terra Firma kicked in some extra to make the cash payout the biggest in the 3-year history of the race ~ $800 for men and $400 for women. 32% of the field did not complete the full 100k, while 48 riders proved they had the GRIT to go the distance. 14 solo riders (40%) out of 35 were able to complete the course in under 8-hours and received the Reveille Peak 100 embroidered hat.


Our host, Reveille Peak Ranch, had the fires built by 5:30am on race morning. It was inviting to see the warm flames dancing in the early pre-dawn hour, but by the time the race kicked off at 9am, many toes and fingertips were still numb. The mass start went up a climb to help spread the field out. Everyone seemed grateful to start on a climb to warm the body up. The top 5 riders hung together for the first 5K, then Nathan Winkelmann (WTF) and Jason Savill (Mellow Johnnys) went off the front in some single track.  Winkelmann got a small gap on Savill, but 10k in, through a creek crossing he noticed the rear tire was low and stopped to fix it. Then, the worst noise of a bike racer’s life: Pssssssssssss.  The tube was bad.  So he sat around, asking riders coming by if they had a tube. Keith Pitman (Extreme Missionary Adventures) came to the rescue with a spare tube. While valuable time was being lost by Winkelmann, Savill came through transition first on Lap 1 of 4 in 1:22:14, followed closely by Yuri Cook – Fast Frog Racing, at 3:43 back. Nathan was 8 minutes back, but steadily chipped away at the lead and by end of lap 2 was a little over 3 minutes down. Nathan made his move on the last lap, recording the fastest lap time of the day in 1:21.28 (including a 2nd mechanical with a chain into the spokes and cassette) and turning in a solid win for Solo Open Males in 5:39.41. Yuri was 5:45.19 for 2nd and Richard Kensey – Bicycle Heaven, rounded out the podium for 3rd in 7:09.34. Savill had gone down in one of the creek crossings and was too cold to continue after lap 3.


For the women, Leia Schneeberger from Wisconsin rode steady and held the lead all day, capturing the win in 6:59.16. Lorinda Putter (Fast Frog Racing) put out another steady effort placing 2nd and Sarah Ginsback (WTF) was 3rd.


The solo sport male division had some close racing, with Michael Terrell posting the winning time for 1st place in 6:28.44. Michael went home with a nice wheel set! Steve McNary (Revolution Race Team) was 2nd and Keith Pitman – Extreme Missionary Adventures was 3rd.


This race is a fundraiser for the Texas High School Mountain Bike league, and a few of the students set up an aid station at mile 6.5 and mile 10. There, racers with greeted with a warm bonfire, plenty of Gatorade, water, Sport Beans, and other goodies. The kids ran beside the racers and cheered them on. $10 of each entry fee went to the league to help promote mountain bike racing at the high school level.


This year, a category for under 21 was added to the 2-person teams. Awards were given out 3 deep in all team categories, and a raffle followed with some fun schwag for racers to choose from. The fastest 2-person male team was “Mo Lassus Beer” (Doug Hargis & John Wylie) in 6:03.42. See website for complete results of teams: http://redbarnsystems.com/timer/2013/RP100/mtbResults.asp


The sponsors and vendors had a great time. Pure Austin Fitness was the title sponsor and helped underwrite the event. Trail LED had the warmest tent with the aid of 2 blasting propane heaters. Kuat Racks gave away a bike rack in the raffle, and Barry from Richardson Bike Mart kept the riders rolling all day. There was plenty of sponsor schwag to go around as well. Thanks for all the goodies to Pure Austin Fitness, Richardson Bike Mart, Kuat Racks, Zoe Fitness, Sport Beans, Paul Mitchell, Ultimate Face Cosmetics, Plano Cycling, Zanfel, Trail LED, Cadence Cyclery, Ride Away Bicycles & Bluebonnet Bicycles.





2013 Video of Resolution Run 5K



2013 Sprint Adventure Race Series Calendar

The 2013 Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race Series is just around the corner! We are excited to announce the dates of the 4 races that will compile the series. You may earn points in 3 of the 4 races to be eligible for points series and the title of Texas State Adventure Race Champion.

Race #1 4/20/13 8am (North Austin)
Bluebonnet Adventure Race
Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet TX

Race #2 5/18/13 8am (West Austin)
Muleshoe Bend Adventure Race
Muleshoe Bend, Spicewood TX

Race #3 6/1/13 8am West Dallas)
Rock Dallas Adventure Race
Northshore Trail, Lake Grapevine, Flower Mound TX

Race #4 6/15/13 8am (Houston)
Gator Bait Adventure Race
Huntsville State Park, Huntsville TX


Dave Franks wins 24 Hours of Rocky Hill

See Dave's Blog on his win at 24 Hours of Rocky Hill 


King of the Hill Recap

The final race of the Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race series ended with flare! Reveille Peak Ranch opened up their gates to host another great finale. A crazy storm blew in the day before, dropping several inches of rain that totally dried out before race day but provided some great puddles at creak crossings to decorate the racers. The Kuat pop-up tents looked like a bowl of spaghetti after the wind launched them up, twisted them, and dropped them down solidly – one at the exit of the transition area and the other in front of the Reveille Peak office. We’re just glad that Aaron, with Kuat, and Terra Firma’s own Tony, let go of the tent just before it was launched into the air.


In unfamiliar style, the race started on bikes, with only 1 team member taking a lap around the lake. Reveille Peak has worked hard to create a course that is more rideable by the masses so we took advantage of what they had to offer with the jeep roads leading out. Some quick single track brought the racers to a 5-foot barricade taking some real teamwork to get over. After clearing the rock garden section (the most technical section of single track), the racers left their bikes to run on foot to the top of Decision Point Peak, the highest point on the 1300-acre ranch. There, they collected an army man and run back down to the base of the mountain in order to retrieve their bikes. Not having an army man meant you had to run back to the top of the mountain (not something you want to do twice).


Continuing on the bikes brought them to a pond where the course took them into waist deep water and across (bike over head if you were smart), and then onto the Tunnels of Love (Hate). Here, racers had to dismount their bikes and crawl through tunnels underground for about 50 ft. Alternatively, they could do a brainteaser, and if they could figure it out, they could bypass. Then, it was up a super steep jeep road to the transition area, where they turned in their bikes for a life jacket, paddle & kayak to race two laps around the lake.


After the paddle, that one team actually paddled backwards the entire way, the racers did one last mystery event, a sand pit wheel barrow with your teammate where one person holds the other person’s legs and pushes the person across the sandpit.


The after party included racers bathing in the swimming pool to rinse off the mud, and downhome Kuat hospitality with 3 kegs of beer for those that stayed. Later, the homemade PureSport margarita machine came out, and great times were had by all.


TXAR (Texas Adventure Racing Club) took the club honors with 5 billion points, by placing solidly at all the sprint series races of the season.


Full results of the world’s best Texas athletes can be found at http://redbarnsystems.com/timer/2012/TF12Sprint4/TF12Sprint4.asp



Gator Bait Trail Run Results & News

 Link to Endurance Buzz article on 2012 Gator Bait Trail Run


Tex's Challenge Adventure Race

The Tex’s Challenge Adventure Race held this past Saturday, May 12th, was spectacular. The spring flowers were still in full bloom, offering an extra mystery event as riders maneuvered down the single-track trails on their bikes. The race started with a 1/3 mile run, then a 5-mile bike to Inks Lake State Park through the hiking trails of granite and flowers. There the racers exchanged their bikes for boats and paddled across to Camp Longhorn main camp. A 3-mile run ensued, (with Jeff Peters having to run in his bike shoes as his running shoe had fallen out of his pack on the bike ride down). Following the run, the racers climbed to the top of a slide and slid down to make a loop around the lazy river. Next came a quick paddle back across the lake to the bikes, followed by a return mountain bike route of technical trails, up a killer hill, ending in some fast jeep road riding. Just before the finish, the racers had to jump in another lazy river, this time making a complete circuit against the current.

Kudo’s to “Classic Zoe Fitness” (Thomas Mullins) for grabbing top spot on the podium. It was a close race with “Terra Firma Racing” (James Bielamowicz) trading spots back and forth all day. At one point in the race, Thomas passed James on a mystery event by stepping over him on the slide into the lazy river, as James was momentarily sitting down stuck and not moving. Being a true sportsman, Thomas crossed the finish line and returned to run the last 100 yards of the race with his competition, but James was running so strong up the last stairs, that Thomas just shouted words of encouragement instead. 

Coed Masters “TXAR-Masters of the Universe” (Gabe Haarsma & Tammy Killebrew) took top honors for all coed teams with a scorching time of 1:48:45, proving that oldies are still goodies and the ones to beat. Their time was also fast enough to bring home the 3rd place overall trophy for any 2-person team, coming in just behind male teams “Ridin Dirty (Adam Kain & James Malia) and “Project Mayhem” (Neil Decker & DJ Snyder) who had a last minute sprint finish battle of their own crossing just 1/100th of a second apart in a time of 1:46:56. (Ridin Dirty 1st, Project Mayhem 2nd).

“Ferocious Kitten” (Melissa White) also turned in a sub-2-hour performance to take top honors for solo female in 1:51, while the 2-person female category was won by “Flying Tomatoes” (Lyn Kruger & Christy McWilliam).

Thanks again to Camp Longhorn for hosting the race, providing us with so many volunteers and food, and we are once again able to donate proceeds of the race to one of Tex’s favorite projects ~ The Country Store.

Attawaytogo Everyone!


Tour De Ranch 2012

 The Tour De Ranch held on March 24th & March 25th, 2012, created amazing energy and memories among the downhill crowd, BMXers, and endurance cross country athletes. In the second year of the event, we had 72 racers competing in a combination of 4 races, which totaled 129 race entries.


Title sponsor Bicycle Sport Shop was on hand with bike demos on Saturday as well as providing neutral support for the racers. Kuat Racks came down all the way from Springfield, Missouri to set up a tent in the expo and provide beer for the post-race activities for all. This made for a great cheering section for the Pump Track which went off at 5pm on Saturday, where spectators were treated with some fast men on small bikes with big smiles on their faces racing in small circles with whoops and berms. A handful of women also raced, and even some young kids. It was hard to tell the kids apart from the grown men once they were on course. Shane Mc Anally busted out a 9.03 second run for 1st while Rachel Cook (riding on a borrowed bike in her first pump track race), took top honors in the female category in 12.08 seconds). Wrecker Supply was also on hand in the expo, supplying us with extra items for the raffle giveaway!


The weekend festival started with a Super D showcasing Reveille Peak Ranch’s vertical drop from the top of Decision Point peak to the deer feeder at the bottom (little over a mile). Justin Calland stole the show with a scorching fast time of 7:17 (34 seconds faster than anyone). For the women, Rachelle Wood turned in the fastest time of 10:04. This is a tough downhill, and one that has most puckering up before the drops.


Next up, the grand opening of the flow track where racers enjoyed almost a full mile of downhill smooth flowing trail with no roots, or rocks, but plenty of bermed corners and jumps that could be taken with style in the air, or rolled over if you were new to the sport. This event brought the most entrants, and the most smiles, and D.L. Wood pulled off the fastest time in 2:25, followed ever so close by Shane Mc Anally in 2:27. Donielle Nyland locked up the female fastest time in 2:51. A free shuttle ran for most of the day helping to haul racers back to the top of the hill.


The next morning, the racers competing for the overall omnium award (by participating in all 4 events) drug themselves out of their tents and hotel rooms to compete in the cross-country race. This was a grueling endurance race on a fairly technical race loop around the ranch, with plenty of jeep road for passing. Top honors went to Craig Kuntz completing 3 laps (24 miles) in 2:09:32. The fastest female was Amy Parkinson in 2:44:04 (3 laps).


Omnium winners were awarded in every category (1, 2 & 3).

Category 1: Shane Mc Anally

Category 2: James Balentine

Category 3: Alexander Link

Women Overall: Rachelle Wood


Prize money of $1000 cash was given out ($500 to males / $500 to females), plus awards, t-shirts, pint glasses & raffle items totally another $3,000.


This event should grow into a classic, now that the word is out with the downhill and BMX crowd. We are looking forward to many great years in the future.



Upcoming Races for 2012

View our 2012 Race Schedule


Reveille Peak 100

There couldn’t have been a better venue to create an epic, Texas Mountain Bike race. Nestled in the hill country of Burnet, TX, the newly opened Reveille Peak Ranch attracted some of the best racers in Texas to compete in a 100-kilometer mountain bike race. The course included epic single track, fast jeep roads, challenging climbs, granite rock faces and the cactus throughout the course forced racers to stay on their toes. A challenging trail, dry conditions, and record temperatures that seared to 107 degrees created the ultimate setting for the 2011 Reveille Peak 100. 

While leading out the racers on the electric motorcycle the first lap, I was able to get to the top of Decision Point Peak (the highest peak on the ranch), as the leader on lap one, Ian Moore (Bicycles Outback) crested the top. Ian had just climbed a granite rock face that, at times had a 34% grade, but he was still grinning from ear to ear. Gasping for air, he said, “This is awesome!”  

Ian and a handful of solo open riders, including Jorge Munoz, Nathan Winkelmann, and Cole Kirkpatrick, made it to the summit in a pack fairly close together.  However, by the time I saw them two-thirds of the way through the first lap, Ian had opened up a two-minute-gap. Jorge chased in second and had a forty-second-gap on Nathan and Cole who were pacing off each other and riding steady, buying their time.

Ian set the fastest lap time of the event with his first lap taking only an hour and eighteen minutes.  This lap time shattered our predictions, as we expected the racers to pace themselves much more.  However, by the end of the day, many of the riders had dropped out; the race was one of attrition, and if you weren’t staying hydrated and eating, it was hard to keep up with what you were losing in sweat.

The technical course allowed little recovery and the continuous climbing took a lot out of the racers. I moved around the course, changing positions often, and was able to catch a glimpse of what was happening across the board. I found Ian, walking his bike in. He had sheered off his rear derailleur after hitting a rock mid-drink.  This mechanical resulted in a race-ending mistake for the leader. 

Nathan and Cole had stayed together, and eventually reeled in Jorge Munoz to take over first and second place, respectively. Then, midway through the third lap, Nathan flatted and had to run his bike several miles into the pit area for repairs. By the time he set off on the fourth and final lap, Cole had a nine-minute lead. However, Cole was beginning to cramp and knew that it would be a challenge to hold off Nathan. Then, Cole flatted, and by the time he fixed it, Nathan had appeared out of the rock and cactus. They rode together briefly, before Nathan rode away to take the win.  Jonathan Pattie rounded out the podium in 3rd.

Female solo winner, Sarah Ginsbach, said that this was the toughest race she had ever done.  She cried her way through lap three and was unable to complete lap four, her closest competitor still over an hour behind. 

The course took its toll on the two-person teams as well, many not finishing all four laps. Many underestimated the power of this course and the South Texas heat. By the end of the day, everyone was covered in salt-stains, dirt, and all were commenting on how challenging the event was. 

The event was a complete success, raising nearly $2,000 for the Texas High School Mountain Bike League! Everyone is looking forward to next year’s race, and all of us at Terra Firma Racing were proud to be part of the first year.     

Fun Factoids:

67 racers started the race (43 solo & 12 teams of 2)
10 of 43 solo racers finished (23% finish rate, 77% DNF)
8 teams of 12 finished (66% finish rate, 34% DNF)





HFAR Werewolves Masters of the Universe wins Overall!

HFAR Werewolves Masters of the Universe (that’s a mouthful) won the 2011 Overall Terra Firma Extreme Adventure Race and are the Regional Champions for the 24-Hour USARA national Championship to be held on October 7-8th in Kentucky. The team members were Helena Finley, Gabe Haarsma, and Tom Lane.

The race began with beautiful temperatures around 70 degrees.  Both the 2-hour sport and 12-hour extreme racers started together with a 2.5 mile run, before the sport racers headed off for a 12 mile bike loop that included some incredible climbs, epic single-track sections and a 34% grade up the backside of Decision Point Peak.  Meantime, the 12-hour racers headed out for a bike ride to Lake Buchanan for the beginning of a 10.5-mile paddle.  Due to the extreme drought conditions in Texas, the low water conditions proved for some tough navigating, and tested and/or improved the skills of the athletes. The paddle took them to islands (one that had become a peninsula), multiple docks, and dry creek beds by foot.

Meantime, the 2-hour sport racers had completed their bike loop, then had a mystery event “hike & bike” section where 1 racer had to bike, while the other had to run, a distance of another 2.5 miles (but they were allowed to trade off).  They felt very challenged by the end of the day, as temperatures had already began to creep toward 100.

The Extreme racers plotted more UTM coordinates, and then headed out on foot for a land navigation section in the center of the 1300 acre Reveille Peak Ranch.  The checkpoints were hidden all over in some great locations of Texas granite, cactus, ponds, plateaus, draws, fences, and even a teepee.  That leg gave them another 5-8 miles by foot, depending on their route choices. 

A mystery event followed to cool off the racers and add some fun.  3-person teams received 2 paddleboards and 2 paddles and had to retrieve a checkpoint

at the far end of a small lake.  This created some interesting scenarios watching how everyone chose to do the task. My favorite was watching Reba lie on her back and do the backstroke as her teammate stood on the board while paddling.  Next they had to complete a puzzle from memory after running a short distance and memorizing the master puzzle, then returning to the pavilion to build the same one.  If they got it wrong, they had to run back again and check the master puzzle, and then rebuilt it correctly. 

The final leg of the race was biking where they completed the same course as the sport racers earlier in the day (another 12 miles), but along the way, had to leave their bikes on the trail and go by foot to retrieve checkpoints. The winning time of 9 hrs and 55 minutes and all 25 checkpoints was tremendous and shows how strong these teams are.  Kudos to all who finished and stuck it out in some record setting heat temperatures for this time of year.  Impressively, all teams made the 12-hour cutoff, some choosing to skip a checkpoint or two.

The day finished with awards and a concert at the pavilion near the finish line ~ a great end to a hard day! Congratulations to Houston Fit AR for sweeping the podium of the Coed division in the Extreme race.

Complete Results: Sport Course: http://www.redbarnsystems.com/timer/tf11sprintb.asp

Complete Results: Extreme Course: http://www.redbarnsystems.com/timer/tf1112hour.asp


Gator Bait Trail Run - As told by Endurancebuzz.com!

The recently held Gator Bait Trail Run took place on the ever popular Huntsville State Park trails located a short drive north of Houston, Texas. Nearly 200 runners participated in the 15 km or 5 km summer clean-out-those-pores dirt run.

Read more at Endurancebuzz.com!


Magnolia Hill Trail Run - As told by Endurancebuzz.com!

On July 3rd, over 80 trails runners played on the trails a short drive northwest of Houston on the grounds of Magnolia Hill Ranch. The Magnolia Hill Trail Run delivered a summer morning bipedal adventure that included a 15 km and 5 km option with views of spring-fed Turquoise Lake waiting for you at the finish.

Read more at Endurancebuzz.com!


iMOAT wins Eco Lonestar Adventure Race

Team iMOAT captured 1st place at the recent Eco Lonestar Adventure Race held at Reveille Peak Ranch on March 5th, 2011. The 3-person coed team took top honors and walked away with $400 towards their entry into USARA 24-Hour Nationals to be held later this year, Regional Qualifier jackets, and 3 sets of adventure racing lights provided by sponsor Trail LED.  Their total prize package was around $1,500.  The course was a true, 12-hour grueling test where all teams had to be in before the 12 hour cutoff, or incur penalties for every 5 minutes they were late. The race started with a 2.5 mile ranch run, then a bike/land navigation leg, then an 11-mile windy bike ride to the north end of Lake Buchanan, a 10-11 mile paddle, more land nav, an 11-mile hilly bike ride back to the ranch, land nav through the awesome scenery and terrain of Reveille Peak Ranch, a mountain bike loop on the cross country course, and finally, a night land nav. The race came down to the wire with just under 3.5 minutes separating Team iMOAT from second place finishers - Werewolves of Austin HFAR.  The harsh winds and cold weather forced iMOAT to turn around early in the paddling event, giving up 2 checkpoints on the water.  Werewolves of Austin fought through the wind and made it to the farthest checkpoints on water, along with HFAR / Masters of the Universe, and HART Ike's Revenge.  Later in the race, iMOAT was able to complete the final navigation leg of the race in the dark, and pick up 2 more checkpoints than the other teams who had chosen to complete the entire paddle, but then ran out of time on the night nav. With the race now neck and neck, it came down to the wire of who could make it to the finish line first.  It was exciting watching the headlamps across the lake gather up the last checkpoint and run for the finish line. The Men's team, Engineered Disaster, finished a strong 1st in their category with 15 checkpoints, while the female team, Snapping Turtles, claimed top honors in their division.

The 2-hour sprint racers threw down some fast times with top honors going to solo male Kyle Grieser in a scorching time of 1:34:53, while Outback Adventure (Steven Regalado & Logan Wimmer) took top 2-person male in 1:49 and the Misplaced Norskies (Jay & Diane Robinson) had the fastest coed time on the day in 2:09. Both Jay & Diane race in the Master's 40+ category, but were able to put the heat on the young'ns today. Racers had to run about 3 miles, then paddle just under a mile, then complete a 8.5 mile mountain bike loop, before being faced with a second paddle that no one was expecting.  Favorite quote of the day - "We're doing WHAT again?!!!".

The following Sunday, we held the First Annual Eco Lonestar Trail Run, which brought many of the adventure racers back for more. Both the 5K and 15K race started  on a manicured ranch road to warm up the legs before making its way to the start of the sweetest single track on this side of the Mississippi.  15K runners left the paradise under the pavilion overlooking a beautiful wildlife filled private lake and ran about a mile of easy trail before taking the main 6 mile loop of single track. The course is filled with granite rock outcroppings and slabs, a little Moab in Texas, but also contains a great soil mix that makes you feel like you are bouncing on air when you aren't landing on rock.  The runners couldn't take their eyes off the trail too long to soak up the scenery, for fear they would be tripping on the granite rocks that were periodically in the middle of the trail.  This trail required all muscle groups to engage, including the brain. In the end of the 15K, Nathan Winkelmann held off Daniel Duryea for a close sprint finish, but they both managed to outrun the random dog that had tagged along for the entire race.  The dog took a plunge in the swim up bar pool at the pavilion and quickly recovered. The female 15K winner was Dena Curry. Turns out it was her dog along for the race. 5K overall male and female winners were Barry Ortner and Jennifer Rogers.  Coed Master's adventure race team from Saturday, ReBob (Reba Becker & Bob Stewart), took top honors in the master's category by winner overall Male/Female Masters respectively in the 5K.  

This was our first set of weekend races at Reveille Peak Ranch this year. Racers were raving about the scenery and course, and when the word gets out about this place, it could become the favorite adventure destination in Texas.



5 out of the 6 David's Cycles Racing teams podium at Dirty Dozen

David's Cycles Racing was the most represented at the Dirty Dozen this past weekend, braving the crazy Texas weather  and placing 5 out of their 6 teams on the podium!  They brought over 20 racers to Warda to compete, and provided neutral support to a lot of riders needing mechanical repairs.  Big thanks to DCR and to Bicycles Outback for helping out the racers in need.  That's the one great thing about our sport -the comradery of everyone and willingness to help the competition, even when you are on a team that is also racing.

Congrats to the hard fought wins of the solo riders:

Nathan Winkelmann - 12 Hr Solo Open Male (on a single speed)
Joe Ender - 12 Hr Solo Sport Male
Rita Borelli - 12 Hr Solo Sport Female
Wiley Mosley - 6 Hr Solo Open Male
Mark Knight - 6 Hr Solo Sport Male
Ginny King -  6 Hr Solo Female

For full results....see our results link.



Resolution Run 5K Overall Winners

12-Year old Payton Brown took top honors for the females at the Resolution Run 5K this past Saturday in a time of 20:10. Payton started running at 8 years of age for Lake Cities Cross Country. She has run at USATF and AAU National meets, and she was an all- American at the USATF national meet in December in Alabama. She placed first in the LISD cross country meet in the fall in the 7th grade race. She attends Downing middle school in Flower Mound and trains 5-days a week with Brad Lutz and Lake Cities Cross Country. She was so happy to win overall today, as Sidney, her older sister, is a freshman at Marcus high and won overall the last 2 years in a row. Today was Payton's day though.  

Craig Lutz, 18, won the overall men's race in a time of 15:01. More on Craig in a bit, as soon as his dad and coach can take a breath from his crazy training schedule to get with me. Wow, this kid is on fire!


2011 Resolution Run from Cole Kirkpatrick on Vimeo.


Team Cumberland Trail Connection Wins Terra Firma Extreme

Congratulations to Cumberland Trail Connection (Helena Finley, Paul Thibodeaux, Gabe Haarsma) for winning 1st place this past weekend in the Terra Firma Extreme Adventure Race and taking home over $1500 in goodies!  ($500 towards the Zanfel SOG USARA Adventure Race National Championships this coming October in Pennsylvania, 3 custom built adventure race lights from Trail LED worth $700, sweet Regional Champion Jackets worth over $100 each, and the honor of being the Regional Champions...priceless).  They battled it out all day with Team Backpacker DRB but came out on time with a time of 8:57.32. Backpaker DRB finished in 2nd place at 9:36.26 and DFW Hounds rounded out the top 3 with a time of 11:28.24.  All three of these coed teams found all 25 checkpoints with no penalties.  

From the comments, emails and facebook messages, good times were had by all!




This year's Women's Race reached a record high volunteer count of just over 200. Thanks to the hard work of Christi Rodgers, volunteer coordinator for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, the Women's Race was well supported, and was a huge success! Linda Kirkland, Development and Program Manager of DSACT, came out to assist at the event. Her help with the large volunteer staff was instrumental to the success of the race. We'd like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations for generously donating their time to the Women’s Race; Cedar Park High School National Honors Society, UT’s Phi Delta Chi, The Service Haunts, UT’s Orange Jackets, Kitty Hawk Air Society, Cedar Park High School Avid Club, UT’s Texas Blazers, Valley Longhorn Students, UT’s American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), and the UT Band. In addition to the above groups, we would also like to thank all the individuals who came out to support us this year. Without the help of our volunteers, this race would not be possible. THANK YOU!



Owner, Kathy Hudson, and son, Daniel Duryea make an impressive showing at this year's Hotter N' Hell. Kathy took 1st place in the Women's Cat 1 12-mile mountain bike race on Friday with a finishing time of 53:23, also good enough for a prominent fifth place finish in the Cat 1 men's race. She placed 2nd in her age group in the half-marathon trail run with a finishing time of 1:57. Daniel participated in the Triple Treat this year, claiming an impressive second place finish overall. With a 1st place overall finishing time of 50:39 in the Cat 2 12-mile mountain bike race, a finishing time of 4:22 in the 100 mile Cat 4 road race on Saturday (incurring disappointing mechanical issues), and a 2nd-place finishing time of 1:40 in the half-marathon trail run, Daniel missed a first-place overall Triple Threat finish by just under 2 minutes. Daniel Duryea will definitely be someone to watch in next year’s HHH Triple Threat, in addition to Kathy Hudson.

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