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Tex's Challenge Adventure Race

The Tex’s Challenge Adventure Race held this past Saturday, May 12th, was spectacular. The spring flowers were still in full bloom, offering an extra mystery event as riders maneuvered down the single-track trails on their bikes. The race started with a 1/3 mile run, then a 5-mile bike to Inks Lake State Park through the hiking trails of granite and flowers. There the racers exchanged their bikes for boats and paddled across to Camp Longhorn main camp. A 3-mile run ensued, (with Jeff Peters having to run in his bike shoes as his running shoe had fallen out of his pack on the bike ride down). Following the run, the racers climbed to the top of a slide and slid down to make a loop around the lazy river. Next came a quick paddle back across the lake to the bikes, followed by a return mountain bike route of technical trails, up a killer hill, ending in some fast jeep road riding. Just before the finish, the racers had to jump in another lazy river, this time making a complete circuit against the current.

Kudo’s to “Classic Zoe Fitness” (Thomas Mullins) for grabbing top spot on the podium. It was a close race with “Terra Firma Racing” (James Bielamowicz) trading spots back and forth all day. At one point in the race, Thomas passed James on a mystery event by stepping over him on the slide into the lazy river, as James was momentarily sitting down stuck and not moving. Being a true sportsman, Thomas crossed the finish line and returned to run the last 100 yards of the race with his competition, but James was running so strong up the last stairs, that Thomas just shouted words of encouragement instead. 

Coed Masters “TXAR-Masters of the Universe” (Gabe Haarsma & Tammy Killebrew) took top honors for all coed teams with a scorching time of 1:48:45, proving that oldies are still goodies and the ones to beat. Their time was also fast enough to bring home the 3rd place overall trophy for any 2-person team, coming in just behind male teams “Ridin Dirty (Adam Kain & James Malia) and “Project Mayhem” (Neil Decker & DJ Snyder) who had a last minute sprint finish battle of their own crossing just 1/100th of a second apart in a time of 1:46:56. (Ridin Dirty 1st, Project Mayhem 2nd).

“Ferocious Kitten” (Melissa White) also turned in a sub-2-hour performance to take top honors for solo female in 1:51, while the 2-person female category was won by “Flying Tomatoes” (Lyn Kruger & Christy McWilliam).

Thanks again to Camp Longhorn for hosting the race, providing us with so many volunteers and food, and we are once again able to donate proceeds of the race to one of Tex’s favorite projects ~ The Country Store.

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