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King of the Hill Recap

The final race of the Texas State Championship Sprint Adventure Race series ended with flare! Reveille Peak Ranch opened up their gates to host another great finale. A crazy storm blew in the day before, dropping several inches of rain that totally dried out before race day but provided some great puddles at creak crossings to decorate the racers. The Kuat pop-up tents looked like a bowl of spaghetti after the wind launched them up, twisted them, and dropped them down solidly – one at the exit of the transition area and the other in front of the Reveille Peak office. We’re just glad that Aaron, with Kuat, and Terra Firma’s own Tony, let go of the tent just before it was launched into the air.


In unfamiliar style, the race started on bikes, with only 1 team member taking a lap around the lake. Reveille Peak has worked hard to create a course that is more rideable by the masses so we took advantage of what they had to offer with the jeep roads leading out. Some quick single track brought the racers to a 5-foot barricade taking some real teamwork to get over. After clearing the rock garden section (the most technical section of single track), the racers left their bikes to run on foot to the top of Decision Point Peak, the highest point on the 1300-acre ranch. There, they collected an army man and run back down to the base of the mountain in order to retrieve their bikes. Not having an army man meant you had to run back to the top of the mountain (not something you want to do twice).


Continuing on the bikes brought them to a pond where the course took them into waist deep water and across (bike over head if you were smart), and then onto the Tunnels of Love (Hate). Here, racers had to dismount their bikes and crawl through tunnels underground for about 50 ft. Alternatively, they could do a brainteaser, and if they could figure it out, they could bypass. Then, it was up a super steep jeep road to the transition area, where they turned in their bikes for a life jacket, paddle & kayak to race two laps around the lake.


After the paddle, that one team actually paddled backwards the entire way, the racers did one last mystery event, a sand pit wheel barrow with your teammate where one person holds the other person’s legs and pushes the person across the sandpit.


The after party included racers bathing in the swimming pool to rinse off the mud, and downhome Kuat hospitality with 3 kegs of beer for those that stayed. Later, the homemade PureSport margarita machine came out, and great times were had by all.


TXAR (Texas Adventure Racing Club) took the club honors with 5 billion points, by placing solidly at all the sprint series races of the season.


Full results of the world’s best Texas athletes can be found at http://redbarnsystems.com/timer/2012/TF12Sprint4/TF12Sprint4.asp


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