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I wanted to send an email to say thank you to Terra Firma Racing. I recently participated in the Bluebonnet AR at the XXX Ranch. First of all, the venue was amazing. The views and the course were absolutely perfect for someone who was wanting to be outside and in nature. Secondly, it's probably the only race that said it was beginner friendly, and it actually was. I am not the best bike rider (more like closer to worst), but the paved roads actually made it possible for me to enjoy the ride. Thank you. Lastly, I had done an "Adventure race" last year. It was of substantial distance, and I knew going into it I could cover the distance. I wouldn't be fast, but I could do it. I did not see a cutoff time anywhere posted for that event. Unfortunately, with only .25 miles left on the kayak I was pulled from the race because I took too long. I could actually see the finish line from where I was standing and told to get in the car to take me back to my stuff in the transition area. Needless to say, I was terribly upset, and since it was my first adventure race I was left with a very very sour taste in my mouth for the sport. However, I decided to give it a second chance and this was the one I picked. I emailed ahead of time to explicitly ask if there was a cutoff time. I was told not to worry about it (forgive me if I was skeptical of this answer). I showed up any started the race. I quickly lost sight of everyone, which I knew would be the case and is ok with me. I basically didn't see another person until I got to the transition area from the bike to the run. The bike took longer than I had anticipated for me, and I considered not continuing because I was afraid of being pulled from the race again. However, a few competitors had finished and they encouraged me and said I had time. So I went on to the run. Again, the views were amazing and made it all worth it. Coming up to the paddle portion, I again considered not finishing due to my fear of time constraints. The lady at the paddles said not to worry and so I got into the kayak. On the last stretch of the run, coming up to the finish line, I heard someone yell my name, encouraging me for the last bit. Then I heard a LOT of someones yelling and chanting my name at the finish line. This is why I am writing this letter. When I crossed the finish line, everyone cheered for me, and then I was asked to come join the awards ceremony. I had long assumed the awards ceremony would be over. However, almost all the AR participants and staff had WAITED almost an entire hour to have the awards ceremony. Had waited until the last competitor was finished (which was me). I truly appreciated that moment. To me, that is what AR is about. I am not naive nor do I expect to be allowed to take 10 hours for a race that should be done in 4. I can definitely abide by race rules and time limits. I choose to do these races (including trail run races) because of the challenge it presents for myself as well as being able to get outside and into some beautiful parts of the country. It is reassuring to know that there are race organizations that epitomize the success of each competitor no matter how slow they are. Bottom line: Thank you very much for making me feel like a part of the group and for making my race experience a memorable one. Respectfully, Erica Mater

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