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San Juan Huts 200

What if you could take an already epic 7-day self supported mountain bike tour from Durango, CO to Moab, UT and turn it into a fully supported race / tour, complete with awesome meals, gear transport,  bike support, and memories of epic proportions? Well now you can.  Welcome to the San Juan Huts 200!  The first running in 2012 was such an overwhelming success we're going to have to do it again in 2013!  And YES we will again give you the opportunity to race it, straight through with only yourself and the Hut System as your support, by starting on the 5th day in Durango and seeing if you can be the first to catch us by Moab!

When: June 28 - July 4th

Start: Durango, CO (Durango Mountain Resort)

Finish: Moab, UT (Finish line at Poison Spider Bicycle, 497 N Main, Moab, UT)

Event: Choose from 2 events ~

San Juan Huts Epic Race: 214 miles and 25,000+ feet of climbing through rugged mountains and deserts, this race is burly! With 6 huts between you and the finish, you’ll have food and water at the huts while you carry everything else. First one to Moab following the GPS given route wins! Expected winning time will be close to 24 hours.

San Juan Huts 7-day Stage Race/Tour: 7 Days of Epic Riding with a Race Segment each day to challenge you if you like.  You’ll be able to race and still see the best sights or take your time and see all the sights. We carry your gear to keep you light.

Colorado’s Durango to Moab Hut-to-Hut route is an epic tour with nothing short of epic views.  Comprised of mostly back country forest service roads with plenty of single track options, the route will challenge all levels of riders while still being supremely enjoyable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.  When riding it as a family on vacation, we took lots of memorable video and had an experience none of us will forget.  Hearing our son say at the end of almost every day “this is the best ride of my life” will certainly stick with us. You’ll start out with lots of climbing, but you will travel shorter distances on those days, then roll through high plateaus and passes while making your way to the next camp site.  Having your gear transported really lightens your pack—mostly rain gear, hydration and nutrition for the day.  There just can’t be a better way to ride through the Rockies.  You’ll surprise yourself with your abilities and we promise to push you while making the effort worthwhile.


Read last year's winner, Markley Anderson's write-up of the event: XXC Magazine, Sept 2012

Awards Ceremony:  6-9pm, July 4th (Fiesta Mexicana, 202 S Main, Moab UT)

Check out this video of the terrain you will cover and the San Juan Hut System:

Short Video:



More Video: 



Elevation Profile:

Route Description:     

Garmin Track File: (contact us and we will email):  The .gdb file is compatible with Garmin devices and needs the Garmin Map Source program to open.  If you do not have a Garmin, your device should come with a conversion program. We will have a functioning Google Earth file real soon.

Scott & Kat's "Suggested Packing List" (please limit your gear to 2 bags not weighing more than 40 lbs. each)


Refund Policy: This is a non-refundable race entry. 

Early Bird Discount:  Nov 1st - January 1st

Solo Epic Male or Female: $295 (self supported)

2-Person Epic: $390 per team, $195 per person (self supported) You will be responsible to provide one vehicle for your team to transport the other team-member to the relay exchange point.  

7 Day Tour $995 per person (includes breakfast, lunch snacks, and dinner during tour) 
The 7-day tour is limited to the first 50 to sign up.

Shuttle service from Moab to Durango per person & bike: $50

Meal tickets: $15 per person (for awards dinner/party in Moab)

Twist Your Arm Discount:  Jan 2nd - March 31st

Solo Epic: $345
2-Person Epic: $450 per team, $225 per person
7-Day Tour: $1095

Full Price:  April 1st - June 21st

Solo Epic: $395
2-Person Epic: $500 per team, $250 per person
7-Day Tour: $1,195


Registration: To register for this event, click on the registration link in the upper left hand column of this page. Registration opens Nov. 1st. The 7-day tour is limited to the first 50 to sign up.

Registration for the epic race is not limited at this time.

Jerseys: See this year's design

Waiver: Please print and bring to packet pickup


Question: Is Terra Firma going to supply the tents since the hut only sleeps 8 people. Will the meals be prepared? Will there be mechanical support on the course?


Answer: There is only one 8-person hut per location. As a result, the huts will be used for the community kitchen to cook the meals. Tour riders must bring their own tents & bedding. We will load up your tents and gear and transport to the next hut each day, so that you don't have to carry gear on your bike (other than what you will want in snacks, rain gear, and water). We will have sags bringing up the rear each day, as everything has to be transported to the next hut. That way, if someone does have a problem that they are unable to fix, they are not stranded out there and would be able to catch a ride. We will have a lot of volunteers helping, as well as the San Juan Hut crew, so there will be plenty of vehicles transferring each day to the new hut should you need help. There are no showers at the huts. You will need to plan to do sponge baths at night. On day 4, the San Juan Hut crew plans to bring a huge water tank up and we will have a hose shower to spray everyone down that wants it. This is a true adventure trip. Food for breakfast and dinner will be included, and you can either prepare it at your tent, or you can come to the community kitchen where plenty of volunteers will be cooking up a storm.  We will provide snacks you can take with you to prepare your lunch while your are riding. You can either stop and eat, or live on snack bars during the day.  When we did this trip two years ago, we ate a great breakfast every day, then carried snack bars and PB&J sandwiches with us for lunch, and then had a hearty dinner. It is up to you where and when or if you stop during the day for lunch, but you will carry your own lunch in your pack (with food we provide).

Question: Is this trip all inclusive?  Are there other fees?

Answer: There is a $50 optional shuttle fee for you and your bike to be transported from Moab back to Durango at the end of the trip, We have plenty of great hotels listed under the lodging link on the upper right hand side of this event page.  Also, San Juan Huts 200 bike jerseys will be for sale for $50 to anyone that wants one. These are custom sublimated jerseys. If you want one before they run out, you should order one when you register. Meal Tickets for the party/banquet in Moab can be purchased for $15.

Question: How can I stay updated with details as they develop?

Answer: Join the "San Jaun Huts 200" group page on Facebook.





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